• Ken Park

Le Courrier de Floride Interviews Geff For The September Issue

Le Courrier de Floride, a French speaking magazine headquartered in Miami, sat down for an interview with Geff for its September 2013 issue. Geff discussed his inspiration for his work and his role as one of the artists exhibitors for French Week Miami.

Click here to view the full issue and interview with Geff.

For the first time in French Weeks  Miami, 12 french-speaking artists are going to present a specific work based on the theme, " sur les pas de Supports/Surfaces".

Other artists include: Aida Tejada, Anouk Jourdaa, Aduni Abubakar Marongiu, Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, Christian Bernard, Clara Poupel, Guillaume Copart, Marian Buswell, Marielle Plaisir, Nad Thiry,  and Olivier Dubois-Cherrier.