• Geff Strik

Press Release: The Florida Orchestra

The Florida Orchestra has announced its upcoming season of performances. The Florida Orchestra to perform Strauss’ ‘Don Quixote’ live with exclusive art film with artwork created by TFO’s first-ever visual artist-in-residence, Geff Strik.


"ST. PETERSBURG, FL – The Florida Orchestra melds art with music in a visionary new multimedia experience inspired by Richard Strauss’ Don Quixote, synchronized to the LIVE orchestra at concerts Oct. 11-13. At the center will be a world-premiere, high-definition art film on the big screen, created locally with TFO’s new visual artist-in-residence, Geff Strik, and Music Director Michael Francis. The concert also features internationally acclaimed cello soloist Maximilian Hornung at performances in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

Geff Strik is TFO’s first-ever visual artist-in-residence, a role that solidifies the orchestra’s commitment to innovation, collaboration and accessibility. 'Innovation is a key part of what we do. It’s in our DNA,'said Mark Cantrell, TFO President & CEO. 'We believe no other American orchestra is doing anything likethis at this level. We are leading the way, giving audiences new ways to engage with the music.'

The collaboration will tell the heroic story of Don Quixote, based on the Spanish novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Cervantes, which has inspired writers, artists and composers for hundreds of years. Strauss composed his tone poem for cello, viola and orchestra in 1897. Musically, Don Quixote is represented by the cello (Hornung) and Sancho Panza by the viola (Principal Viola Derek Mosloff).

Strik started with the musical score, annotated by Michael Francis, and created 29 sketches interpreting scenes from Don Quixote. Then, using one 10-by-5-foot canvas, he painted each scene over the other. The whole process was captured through video and crafted into a 42-minute art film synchronized to the music, which will be conducted live on stage by Maestro Francis. Because Strik used one canvas, some of the paintings are gone forever, existing only through the art film.

The film is produced by Siècle des Lumières, LLC, with Executive Producers Phil Yost and Geff Strik. It is supported and sponsored by Compass Land and Title, Kahwa Coffee Roasters, Liz and Todd Birge, and Oktane Media."

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